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Huw Enterprises on line Spa Management Education Series. Spa Operations and Management Huw 001.

The Global Wellness Summit estimates there are worldwide 130,000 to 180,000 positions available in spa management and only 4,000 persons being trained or in advanced spa specific management Training. This series of seminars or workshops presented by Hugh Jones M.Ed gives spa specific information and sound business advice to help you manage your spa business or the information that will be useful for your upward professional mobility in the spa industry. These seminars or workshops can be presented on line or on location.


1.The convenience of taking seminars “IN YOUR OWN PLACE AT YOUR OWN PACE.”
2.The seminars are reasonably priced.
3.The seminars increase knowledge and confidence in job performance.
4.You can choose which seminar you need the most which addresses your specific needs.

The following seminars are available on wiziq:

Seminar one deals with the state of the spa industry and the importance of having a sound business and marketing plan.

Huw 001 Spa Operations and Management.

Topic 1 Spa industry Statistics.
Topic 2 Outline for a business plan.
Topic 3 Leadership and management.
Topic 4 Steps to assure your success.
Topic 5 Motivational compensational.
Topic 6 Marketing your business.

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The following courses are coming soon!

Huw 002 Spa Operations and Management.

Seminar two deals with your operations assessment and hiring, maintaining and developing your staff.
Topic 1 Spa Industry statistics.
Topic 2 Operations assessment.
Topic 3 Spa industry challenges.
Topic 4 Hiring and maintaining your team.
Topic 5 Developing you team.
Topic 6 Addressing employee issues.

Huw 003 Spa Operations and Management.

Seminar 3 deals with The Retail system,preparing a Budget,and steps to deliver Quality service on a consistent basis.
Topic 1 Spa industry statistics.
Topic 2 Retail for Spa revenue.
Topic 3 Budget preparation.
Topic 4 Steps to Deliver Quality Service.
Topic 5 Managing your business.

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