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Corporate Training:

Companies pride themselves on bringing in the top talent to ensure success in whatever the vision or mission, and to get the edge on the competition. Once hiring decisions are made, what can be done to gain the most value from that talent?  Many companies struggle to get talented individuals to function as a unified team focused on the same goals.

SpaTeam International can help and can bring the solution to your business location.  We offer customized workshops designed to fit your company’s particular challenges and objectives.  Workshops or team activities are tailored to your needs and can be structured to fit within allotted time schedules. Whether it is a half day, several days, or weeks, SpaTeam International  LLC will ensure that your needs are met and that your staff will leave motivated and with the necessary tools for your company to gain that competitive edge.

Below is a list of some of the topics that could be covered.  If you don't see what you are looking for on the list, feel free to contact us and after gaining some information for your company and needs, we will design something suitable to you. 

  • Goal Setting, Achievement, and Improved Performance
  • Success by Design Not by Accident
  • Top 10 Ways to Increase Your Sales
  • Successfully Closing the Sale
  • Build Rapport to Build Sales and Loyalty
  • How to Create a Winning Sales Strategy
  • How to Sell Over the Phone
  • Retail Sales: Establish Trust, Recommend Procedures, and Communicate Products
  • Effective Time Management
  • S.T.R.E.S.S. (Simple Techniques Rendering Excellent Stress Solutions)
  • Relationship Building with Internal and External Guests
  • Building a Culture of Superior Customer Service
  • How to Motivate Yourself and Others
  • Developing Your Personal S.W.O.T. as a Tool for Growth
  • Top 10 Tools to Exceed Guest Expectations
  • Ensuring Guest Satisfaction
  • How to Recognize and Build Strengths in Others
  • Fighting Fears
  • Top 10 Ways to Manage Through Change
  • Recognizing Individual Ways of Communication
  • Teamwork and Teambuilding
  • Create a Vision, Establish a Mission, Motivate a Team
  • Effective Conflict Management
  • Effective Public Speaking
  • Effective Time Management
  • How to Improve Communication
  • Simple Techniques for Improved Organization
  • How to Recognize and Respond to Guest Needs
  • Establishing Top Talent in Yourself and Others
  • Leadership through Motivation and Inspiration
  • The Difference between Leading and Managing a
  • Successful Team
  • Ensuring Staff Satisfaction
  • How to Build Confidence and a Positive Attitude


Note: This service can be offered for businesses purchasing a certain amount of products from SpaTeam as an added incentive to purchase.



Spa Coach-Group Coaching/Membership


What is group coaching and how does it work for the spa and hospitality industry? This program is for 6-months to a year and will give you all of the tools that you would need to achieve growth and success in the spa industry.  During our 6-months together your will learn how to achieve your goals and grow your business in the way that you first dreamed when you entered this exciting field.  The spa industry is a constantly evolving industry and those that succeed are the ones that have the tools and the know-how to be prepared to meet any challenge.


Who is this Group Coaching program for?


  1. Owners of spas regardless of size looking to gain a competitive edge over their competition looking to gain top staff and a loyal clientele.
  2. GMs of Hotels looking for a greater understanding of the spa industry and how to incorporate their vision into a spa model
  3. Doctors looking to create a successful medispa practice.
  4. Spa Directors looking to…

Maximize Team Productivity and Performance

Maximize individual staff performance, satisfaction, and understanding of expectations

Improve team communication

Increase Revenues

Improve Guest Satisfaction

Improve Guest Retention

Enhance Guest Service

Enhance Retail Sales

Enhance Services

Organize and prioritize goals to ensure achievement

Increase Profits

  1. Individuals/Entrepreneurs looking to grow in the spa industry and gain a better understanding of how to succeed
  2. Vendors/Resource Partners wanting to…

Increase clients

Improve sales

Maximize Profits

Establish better rapport with clients

Have a better understanding of the needs of Directors and Owner’s needs, concerns, and goals

Improve communication with clients

  1. Spa Providers looking to increase service revenues, retail sales, and guest retention.  Programs can also




Here are some of the things you will achieve and questions that will be answered during the program.


  1. Learn the importance of a mission and vision statement and how to create and incorporate them into your business in a way that matches your dreams.
  2. Learn improved ways to manage and control your business to increase efficiency and maximize profits while respecting and adhering to your vision and mission.
  3. Learn about yourself and your strengths and how to use them to gain a competitive edge..  Learn how to overcome your opportunities for growth and achieve you full potential.
  4.  Learn how to break through any personal beliefs and barriers that may be hindering you achieving your goals both personally and for your business.
  5. Gain an understanding of your clients and how you can fit into their model of their world to increase customer loyalty, retention, and satisfaction.  Understand the question of who your clients are and the best ways to serve them.
  6. Increase your understanding of your staff and understand ways to maximize their performance and satisfaction.  What are the best ways to communicate and motivate?  How do you ensure their loyalty while ensuring that they are performing to expectations?  With a team of such creative and unique individuals, how do you get them unified towards a common goal and vision?
  7. Discover some of the best and most cost efficient ways to market your product/services while staying within the confines of your budget.  Understand how to use social media and other tools to bring customers and clients to your site and business.
  8. Identify opportunities for collaboration and partnerships with other business owners to increase visibility and sales.
  9. How to develop a winning marketing strategy and budget.
  10. Discover the importance of creating a concrete action plan/hot list to achieve each level of success.



The Program and How it Works


What does it include?


2 live group coaching calls of 90 minutes each per month that can take place in the comfort of your home or office via telephone

A monthly newsletter sent via email to identify the latest industry trends and including articles from industry professionals

Email support to answer targeted questions needed for your business

One shoppers call per quarter to your facility to monitor phone performance of staff with full report of recommendations of improvement.

Discounts on live shoppers to your facility to monitor live performance of staff, retail offerings, and services

Discounts on One-on One Professional or Personal Life Coaching to achieve goals

Monthly course curriculum is customized to the group’s needs and emailed at the beginning of each month

Access to recordings of each coaching call and the PowerPoint presentations accompanying them in case you were unable to attend

Access to professionals, training, and certifications that can be personally brought to your facility

Complementary marketing programs designed to grow recognition, target slow times, and raise revenues




Cost: Personal and professional coaching can range from $400 to over a $1,000 in a single month.  The cost of this program is $100 a month or prepaying an entire year for $850.  You have the option to prepay or pay on a monthly basis, whichever works better for your budget.   

This rate does not include potential of on-site programs, certifications, personalized coaching and programs, etc…



Personal Coaching-One on One

First Session

 The first consultation is considered the most important of all sessions. In this session, we will go over goals, what may be preventing one from accomplishing those goals and come up with a suggested treatment program. If it is decided that hypnosis will be included in the treatment regimen, we will determine suggestibility, assist client into a state of hypnosis, prepare the client to enable them to easily achieve deep hypnosis for future sessions/coaching, and determine what steps the client can take at home to achieve their goals. We will also begin initial steps/stages of treatment.  Includes handwriting analysis.

This session typically will take 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours’ time to ensure that the client receives the most benefit and feels comfortable and confident that their goals are achievable.

Standard Rate: $225 per session

Additional Sessions/Coaching-One on One

The amount of sessions needed for the client to achieve their goals will usually be determined in the first session based on the particular client and their needs though sometimes, it may take more or less sessions than estimated to actually accomplish their goals.

The additional, follow-up sessions usually take 1 hours’ time and will take place weekly or bi-weekly following the first consultation. All sessions/coaching will also be accompanied with some work that will be done at home by the client to ensure that they are consistently concentrating on their desired results.

Standard Rate: $125 per session

Personalized Group Sessions/Training

 Many goals can be achieved in a group environment at a more economical rate. Whether it is 5 or 30 people, a group session combining Hypnosis, N.L.P., and Life or Executive Coaching can be designed to assist them to achieve those goals that they would like accomplished. Specific packages can be designed with costs determined based on the number of clients in the session as well as the amount of sessions that the group wishes to take advantage of. The package can either be set up as a single session for the group or even as an ongoing weekly/bi-weekly/monthly sessions to ensure ongoing results.

While a client will definitely receive benefits and help towards achieving their goals in these group sessions, personal sessions are recommended for the most dramatic results. It can also be recommended in a group package that all members of the group receive an individual first consultation to ensure that they receive the most benefits from their group sessions. This can also be included in the discounted package based on the number of clients as well as the amount of sessions.

Group of 4:       $80 per person First Session (one on one)

$50 per person Additional Sessions (group)


Group of 6:       $70 per person First Session (one on one)

$45 per person Additional Sessions (group)


Group of 10: $60 per person First Session (one on one)

  $40 per person Additional Sessions (group)


Group of 15+: $50 per person First Session (one on one)

    $60 per person month (includes 2 group sessions)


Note: Group sessions will typically last 1 ½ to 2 hours.  These rates are for personalized phone sessions only.  Rates can be determined on an individual basis for in person coaching.


Other Services that can be offered

Team Coaching


Empower your team to drive their own performance and satisfaction by ensuring that they have all of the tools for success.  Allow them to learn, grow, and have a developed roadmap to success.  Programs can be customized towards the goals of your operation and coaching can be performed in person or via phone to ensure that the program is at the convenience of the staff.  Watch you staff satisfaction, guest retention, guest satisfaction, service revenues, and retail revenues grow through the effort of your entire team.  Here are some of the things you will achieve and questions that will be answered during the program.


  1. Communicate the importance of the organization’s mission and vision statement and show how it can be implemented into the service to both internal and external guests of the organization.
  2. Teach them the fundamentals of 5-star service and how to apply it towards their profession.
  3. Teach them how to gain rapport with their clients, recognize their needs, and ensure their guest’s satisfaction and loyalty.
  4. Gain an understanding of your clients and how they can fit into their model of their world to increase customer loyalty, retention, and satisfaction.  Understand the question of who your clients are and the best ways to serve them.
  5. Teach how to sell retail to clients while still adhering to 5 star standards and not taking away from the guest experience.  Also included is instruction for Front Desk staff on how to close the sale.
  6. Teach them about themselves, their strengths, and how to use them to gain a competitive edge..  Learn how to overcome their opportunities for growth and achieve you full potential.
  7.  Teach them how to break through any personal beliefs and barriers that may be hindering them from achieving their goals both personally and for your business.
  8. Teach techniques to avoid injuries including proper posture, and slight tools to reduce headaches, body aches, and muscle or eye strain.
  9. Enable them to gain a better understanding of the importance of teamwork in ensuring success for all.
  10. Enable them to gain a better understanding of the spa and hospitality industry including expectations, consumer trends, and the latest in spa training and technology.
  11. Ensure their excitement and knowledge stays current for their profession and give them the tools to be the top talent for what they do.
  12. Have personalized newsletters and blogs available to staff to ensure consistent communication and follow through. 


*Call for personal quote and consultation


Company SOP Design and/or Proposal Design


Whether it is SOPs to ensure a proper guest transition throughout your spa, scripts catered to you facility to ensure proper answering of phones and adherence to 5-star standards, procedures/protocols designed to fit the services of your spa, or proposals to be put together to present to executive teams, our team of experts can help.  Below are listed some examples of what SpaTeam International can offer.  All programs/protocols can be customized to the mission, vision, expectations, and goals of your facility.


  • Job Descriptions
  • Treatment SOPs
  • Reservations Scripting
  • Front Desk Procedures
  • Locker Room Procedures
  • Treatment explanations/benefits for Front Desk Staff
  • Operational SOPs
  • Cleaning procedures customized to local and state laws
  • Team Based Compensation Programs
  • Commission Structures for Services/Retail to ensure performance
  • Bonus Programs/Incentive Programs for Front Desk for Service or Retail Sales
  • Retail Programs for increased sales
  • Inventory Procedures
  • Budget Templates
  • Marketing Plans
  • Guest Service SOPs
  • Customized Proposals


Consulting Services


Allow the experience of professionals to empower your business towards a successful future.  Our experience includes both large and small spa design, outdoor pool design, fitness center design, salon design, , interior design. equipment selection, product selection, retail design and layout, menu design, creation of standard operating procedures, employee selection, employee training, fiscal management,  leadership training, and Forbes standards of customer service. 


Make your future plans easy, well-organized, and most importantly successful by allowing our professionals to set you up for success.


Is your current business not working up to capacity?  Whether it is for an enhanced look and feel to your facilities, an upgrade of equipment, operational improvement, retail sales, customer service challenges, or to assure enhanced profitability, we can help.  Our experts will come and do an extensive study of operations to determine challenges and opportunities for improvement and then create an in-depth action plan to assure the businesses goals are met and exceeded.  Once the plan is approved, SpaTeam International will then implement the plan in your operation and oversee its completion to assure success and help your company attain its goals.


Operational Consulting

Whether it is a start-up project or to improve an existing operation, SpaTeam International has the experience and expertise to supply the tools and complete the project.  Below are some examples of the areas of expertise that SpaTeam International can supply.


  • Market Research, Design, and Concept
  • Menu Design
  • Professional Products Selection
  • Detailed Action Plans for Implementation of Strategies
  • Competitive Market Analysis for Recommendations of Prices and Treatment Offerings
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Detailed Standard Operating Procedures for All Areas of  Operation
  • Organizational Charts for Staffing
  • Management Selection
  • Staff Selection
  • Develop Compensation Structures for Staff to Ensure Optimal Performance
  • All Staff Training
  • Inventory Management Strategies
  • Budget Development for Opening Facilities or Existing Ones
  • Financial Reviews for Desired Profitability
  • Follow-Up Post-Implementation to Ensure Success
  • Mystery Shopping


Retail Consulting

 One of the most common complaints in the Hospitality and DaySpa industries is the inability to drive retail sales either through walk in traffic or through their sales professionals.  Retail is an important factor towards driving revenues and profitability.  Challenges can range from product selection, to display, to proper training for employees, to employee buy-in. SpaTeam International has extensive experience in all of these challenges as well as a strong record of success towards overcoming them.


Allow SpaTeam International to walk through your facilities.  We will do a full assessment of your retail operations including retail display, product selection, product placement, the staff's ability to make recommendations while respecting Forbes requirements, the flow of your operations retail sales from the moment a provider makes a recommendation to the closing of the sale at the front desk, and to the strategies of getting clients to keep buying products and not just limit themselves to a one time sale.


SpaTeam International has interior designers and specialists trained to assure that your facility will attract walk through traffic and promote sales.  We can help with selecting proper displays, lighting, and placement promote sales while respecting the decor and the theme of your establishment. Whether it is just a slight redisplay to a full scale renovation of the retail area, we have the tools, professionalism, and experience to assure you are set up for success.


We also have provider training for sales success in a program developed from a former provider.  Many providers in the spa industry feel that when they make a recommendation to a guest, they are taking away from the guest experience.  Actually it is just the opposite.  A question that should be asked is what separates a $100 service from a $30 service.  Sometimes, they use the same products. What separates the two services is the professionalism of the provider.  If someone comes to get a facial but does not get any recommendations on ways to improve their skin at home, are they truly getting the benefit of their service?   SpaTeam International has a philosophy and training course titled "Establish trust, Recommend Procedures, and Communicate Products."  This philosophy is developed with the provider in mind and is sure to help to increase sales.  We have also developed in depth strategies to train the retail specialist or front desk coordinator to properly close the sale for the provider and assure guest satisfaction.


Facilities Design and/or Improvement


Starting from scratch and want a facility that will stand up from the competition or would like to completely revamp your existing facility to better stand up to your competition?  SpaTeam International can work hand in hand with you to assure that your vision for the perfect spa or fitness facility comes to fruition.  We will sit down with you to develop a detailed strategy and timeline for your project.  We can work with your architects or supply one of our own and come up with a space plan that will respect all of the needs of an operation and utilize the space to its full potential.  Our interior designer will develop a plan to create the theme/look that you envisioned in your inspiration to begin the project itself.  We can assist with decor and furniture selection.  We can work with selecting you the best equipment possible while respecting your budget.  We will work to ensure that your facility has the proper electrical requirements for all of the equipment selected in the right places to respect operations and decor.  We will also be available and on site regularly to ensure that everything is built to the proper specifications and with the expected quality that is required.  In other words, we will ensure you get the facility that you want and deserve by paying attention to all the details and respecting the project as if we were the owners ourselves in both costs and presentation. Please contact William Toth at Spa Team International 1-800-706-6171