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Yoga Pads

Introducing the best recovery package for yoga enthusiasts! HiDow’s Yoga Pads Bundle, at an attractive introductory price of only $99, is designed to help you get grounded, centered, energized, and strong. You may use it in the morning upon awakening and after a long day to prime, awaken, and soothe your feet. It’s also possible to use during your yoga practice at low background intensity.

The foot pads have built-in bio-electric stim (TENS+EMS) technology to help you push your body’s limits and decrease pain, soreness & discomfort.

Benefits of TENS/EMS Stim Therapy:

  • Improved sleep for everyone
  • Pain relief for sore feet
  • Accelerated recovery for athletes
  • Balanced cortisol levels = less stress
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Stronger ligaments, tendons, and overall feet
  • Energized feet
  • Better blood circulation

Dimensions: 4.75″ x 10.75″ (fits up to women’s foot size 10). For larger sizes, please order the foot stim pads.

A 2-year standard warranty is included for your tensmate device. Be sure to add an extended lifetime manufacturer warranty for just $25.

The Yoga Pads Bundle includes:

  • 1 Set of yoga pads
  • 1 Zippered Carry Pouch
  • 1 Tensmate Bio-Electric Stim Device*
  • 1 Electrode wire
  • 1 Charger

Using the HiDow Yoga Bundle is simple! First, place the foot stim pads on the floor. Second, connect the pads to the Tensmate using the electrode wire. Next, stand over the foot pads. Lastly, turn on the Tensmate and feel the difference in your health with every pulse of the stim therapy device!

We recommend spraying the conductive surface with our Perfect Conductor Spray for improved conductivity. 


Already have a HiDow Stim Device? Great! Our Yoga Pads will work with all HiDow devices except for the HiDow Spot. Choose the Yoga Pads Package if you do not need a device.

The Yoga Pads Package includes:

  • 1 Set of yoga pads
  • 1 Zippered Carry Pouch
WEIGHT 12 oz

Full Bundle, Yoga Pads only, I already have a device