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The belt-style cutaneous garment electrodes are intended to be used with all HiDow electrical stimulating devices. The package includes 2 straps of different lengths that allow you to place the belt-style garment electrodes on various areas. It may be used on the lower back area with the longer strap and legs and arms using the shorter strap. The straps may also be connected to extend the length of the strap if needed.

The belt-style cutaneous garment electrodes will deliver the stimulation signals generated by the HiDow stimulator to the body surface with which they are in contact. The garment electrodes are made up of conductive silicone rubber.

Compatible with all HiDow devices, the Acu Belt allows users to place electrodes on hard-to-reach areas without others’ support. It is designed to fit most users.

Included in this package:

  • 1 AcuBelt
  • 2 Velcro Straps: Short (11.5-inch length), Long (2 ft. 11-inch length)
  • 1 sample size 5 ml of our Perfect Ion Conductor Spray

Using HiDow’s AcuBelt is easy because of the following reasons:
-Creates a low profile for unobtrusive wear underneath clothing
-Allows increased breathability around the back
-Contours to the shape of the body
-Simple to adjust and wear with Velcro closures

This belt is equivalent to four different pads that cover many areas without getting the wear and tear on the pads themselves. Choose your adjustable straps; use the long one for the torso (lower back and abdomen) or the short one for the calf and leg. Once they’re applied, set the unit on, and enjoy your device at whatever strength and sensation you please.

Looking for a different length strap? More options are available here: