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Spa Team Product details

2206A - Spa Team Facial Chair

Technical Parameter |

| Size and weight

Product size:1880mm (L) x620mm(W)x100mm (H)with headrest(Tolerance:2%)
The Maximum height:750%+ 10mm

The Minimum height:550+ 10mm

Net weight:72kgs

| Performance data

Adjustalbe angle for backrest:0°~+75°( Tolerance : 10%)
Adjustable angle for leg part: -50°~0°( Tolerance: 10%)
Limited loading weight: 175 kgs

for details click here to download Instruction Manual

Operation Instruction

1.Angle adjusting of backrest and leg-support:
1.1:Press the handle for backrest adjustment by one hand;
1.2: With another hand rise up the backrest to the needful height(0°+75°);the backrest will be

fixed once leave the handle; Or press the backrest until flat by another hand.

1.3:Press the handle for leg support adjustment by one hand
1.4:With another hand, rise up the leg-support to the needful angle(-50°~0 °); the leg-support

will be fixed once leave the handle; or press the leg-support until vertical by another hand.

2.Height adjusting:
2.1:Stamp the rubber pedal lightly to rise the bed and stamp it totally to get lower.

2.2: Push the pedal to the highest position for making the bed fixed.

5.Attention |

To avoid pinch accident,do not put the hands,feed and head into below the following

6. Maintenance J

After every treatment, please use neutral cleaner to clean the bed preventing aging

for details click here to download Instruction Manual