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At Spa Team, we are dedicated to providing lash artists, studios and salons with the best eyelash extension training and products available. Spa Team makes it possible to add defining, beautiful characteristics to anyone - and make them one of a kind.

We’ve all experienced clients that come to their lash extension fill appointment or full-set application appointment with dirty lashes or with makeup still present.

If you haven’t yet, you will.

The big question is how do you talk to your clients about the importance of washing their eyelash extensions so that they ACTUALLY DO IT. We’ve included some talking points for you when discussing with your clients their lash aftercare in-between their appointments with you!

Clean Lashes = Longer Lasting Lashes
Proven fact that cleaning your lash extensions helps improve your long-term retention. Wash your lashes using a lash-safe eyelash extension cleanser. Educate your clients on how to use a lash cleanser and cleansing brush so that they’re not irritating the extensions with q-tips, cotton balls or swabs, etc. which are harsher on the extensions and could make your clients wary of the cleansing their lashes.