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Pro for Men


Early - medium stages of hair loss around your hairline and temples? Experiencing excessive hair fall and overall loss of volume? Our PRO Kit is an intermediate level plan that stimulates fast rejuvenation and ultimate strength while arresting hair fall, premature graying and split hair. It includes ALL of our Top-Selling solutions that work together to give you the ultimate boost & hair growth on a budget.

Is your lion’s mane starting to thin? This could be an early sign of male pattern hair loss.  Our PRO kit prevents further hair loss while providing immediate STABILIZATION, fast REJUVENATION, STRENGTH and hair GROWTH. Consists of DHT Blocker to prevent hair loss, Repair Vitamin to boost strength, Grow Serum for rejuvenation, Repair Oil for texture and shine. You’ll take back your place as king of the jungle in no time. 

WHO: Men with intermediate hair loss, receding temples

WHAT: Repair Vitamin + DHT Blocker + Grow Serum + Repair Oil

WHY: To stimulate hair growth, protect against male pattern hair loss, strengthen and thicken

HOW: Monthly supply. Take as suggested. Recommended 4-6 months for best results

  • REPAIR VITAMIN: Your hair needs nourishment from the inside out. This product contains every essential nutrient for hair strength and growth, including: biotin, 6 vitamins, 6 minerals, 6 amino acids, and 14 different powerful ayurvedic herbs to maximize hair health. Talk about a complete package!
  • PROTECT DHT BLOCKER: This is the holy grail for men! Excess DHT is one of the main reasons for male pattern baldness, and many of the solutions available cause a plethora of side effects. Not this one, though! This all-natural solution prevents the shrinking of hair follicles and aims to combat early signs of hair loss.
  • GROW SERUM: A highly potent serum consisting of essential enzymes, collagen proteins, keratin, phytonutrients, and ayurvedic herbs. They all work synergistically to strengthen your hair from the follicle all the way down to the root, leaving you with stronger, healthier hair. It improves blood circulation and is a drug-free alternative to minoxidil.
  • REPAIR OIL: A deeply moisturizing and enriching hair oil, lovingly infused with the most powerful ayurvedic extracts which have been proven to improve hair strength, elasticity, and density. Massaging the oil into the scalp improves blood circulation to stimulate hair growth. Your hair will definitely thank you for this one! 
  • Natural formulas
  • Clinically-proven ingredients
  • Synergistic effects to rejuvenate hair and combat hair loss
  • Ideal for intermediate stages of hair loss or extremely dry, damaged hair
  • A combination of topical and oral solutions for a comprehensive treatment program