Balanced Body® Sets New Standard in the Traditional Pilates Mat Workout – Unveiling Precisely Designed Contrology® Folding Mat

Authentic Product Design Promotes Balance, Support and Sto-and-Go Functionality for Mat Pilates – Beginners and Pros Alike

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ContrologyBalanced Body®, the world’s leading resource for Pilates and integrated movement equipment and education, today launched the Contrology® Folding Mat – an authentic recreation of the original mat design. The Contrology Folding Mat affords an authentic mat workout, is simple to use – regardless of skill level – and can be easily stored away in any area of the home or studio.

The Contrology Folding Mat’s unique design offers multiple benefits for mat workouts, including:

  • Enhanced Cushion and Support: The Contrology Folding Mat features 1” (2.54cm) high-density foam covered in premium Naugahyde Vinyl on a wooden base. Balanced Body’s exclusive foam supports body weight, minimizing stress on wrists and holding spine position, while providing feel and feedback in rolling exercises.
  • Easy Storage and Transport: With a hinged seam and cover to keep hinges from scratching the floor, embedded magnetic closure and vinyl transport handles, the Contrology Folding Mat is easy to move and store, and is perfect for a home and studio workout of any kind.

“At Balanced Body, our goal is to keep people moving – and that means designing the best-performing, highest-quality products to help them do so, both safely and effectively,” said Ken Endelman, Founder and CEO, Balanced Body. “The Contrology Folding Mat is a perfect example of how we’re growing and adapting to meet the needs of the movement community, professionals and consumers alike–especially as many of us are working out from home. Need better support for those challenging positions? Need to quickly tuck your mat away – without scraping your living room floors – before your next Zoom? We listened, and we created a tool to make every mat workout better, wherever you might be.”

In addition to its premier design enhancements, the Contrology Folding Mat includes a variety of accessories to promote the ultimate workout:

  • Two Dowel Handles: Dowel Handles turn the arm and back connection “on” for safe overhead exercises, strengthening the back, opening the chest, creating length, and feeling the user’s two-way stretch.
  • Two Moon Boxes: Durable, upholstered Moon Boxes provide positioning assistance and are used to increase difficulty in exercises for users.
  • Integrated Foot Strap: Balanced Body’s Integrated Foot Strap provides support through a workout, and is often used by advanced practitioners as a teaching tool to maintain the user’s center in certain exercises. It also helps every beginner get started, teaching them where and when they are disconnecting as they move.

“The mat workout is what people can do every day at home, on their own,” said Lesley Logan, a NCPT certified Pilates Instructor who worked with Balanced Body on the design of the new mat. “When you have a mat like the Contrology Folding Mat with foam support, a foot strap and handles, you get the feedback you need to know you’re doing things correctly. You can’t get that from a regular old mat. I know what I’m going to get with this mat – a mat that doesn’t slip and move, a mat that is firm enough so you don’t fall or sit on your wrists, helping you find the forearm connection you need to stay centered, and handles and a foot strap to help find the perfect upper body connection.”

The Contrology Folding Mat – including two Dowel Handles, two Moon Boxes, and an Integrated Foot Strap – is available in nine colors on Balanced Body’s website ( for $700.00. Balanced Body’s full suite of award-winning Pilates equipment is also available on

About Balanced Body

With more than 40 years of state-of-the-art engineering and product innovation under its belt, Balanced Body was the first to substantially update Joseph Pilates’ original equipment. The Company’s founder and CEO, Ken Endelman, has been awarded 28 U.S. patents for his Pilates-related inventions. Balanced Body has 200+ employees and is headquartered in Sacramento, California, where most of its equipment is manufactured. For more information please visit or follow Balanced Body on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


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