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The Combo Cirrus 500 combines the benefits of 4 essential aesthetic functions and 2 specialized procedures for a series of unique face care with optimal results.

  1. Sanitizing function: equipped with an insulated handle.  Used for skin cleansing, for its stimulating and soothing effects and to enhance cosmetic products absorption.
  2. Rotary brushes: bi-directional.  Used to cleanse the skin by removing dead skin.
  3. Micro-Effleurage: 2 treatment modes (rhythmic/ continuous). Light suction used to energize, remove fluid from the skin surface, prepares the skin to receive anti-aging cosmetic products and increases their effectiveness.
  4. Infusion face treatments: Used for its energising effect and to facilitate better cosmetic product absorption while respecting skin pH balance. Cirrus is equipped with an electrical protection device.

2 infusion functions based on bipolar balanced waveform currents, automated and easy to use

– No more redness associated with conventional currents
– No more headaches to set up the polarity of the unit
– Electrical safety device that allows the aesthetician to lift and conveniently rest the hand piece during the treatment

Deep pore cleansing functions based on bipolar balanced waveform currents, automated and easy to use

– Allows to cleanse deeply oily skin pores
– No more pH shift or skin fatigue caused by conventional cleansing treatments

Rotary Brush:
– Bi-directional rotary brush with ascending motion to respect muscle physiology and promote easy product penetration

– Safe, insulated handle

Silhouet-Tone sets itself apart by its ability to innovate and its state-of-the-art technology.


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