Etna Massage Table SBF


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Inspired by a licensed massage therapist’s experience and advice, the ETNA SBF can go very high or very low to fit a variety of modalities’ requirements and decreasing the facility need to limit a treatment room to just a select group of services. A foot pedal allows to adjust the height, preserving the contact with the client during the treatment. ADA-certified, the table features a crossbar for safety to ensure unparalleled stability. A two inch padding allows to better access the body and perform the proper technique. The ETNA SBF is supported by a full base instead of individual legs to allow for a smoother quitter lift and enhanced sturdiness. The curvature of the table’s top ensures the therapist’s proper body mechanism while the client enjoys the comfort of the face rest. Your clients will appreciate the quiet motor as you adjust the table to find the perfect treatment position.


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