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Spa Team is partnered with Dream Trips, which offers the world’s biggest, best and most awarded group vacation lifestyle membership, DreamTrips, inspiring travelers all over the planet since 2005. With hundreds of thousands of members in over 40 countries, we explore, discover and share carefully curated experiences through a community of fun, every day.

And through our direct sales distribution model, our Independent Representatives have the freedom of earning part-time or full-time income by helping people realize their own leisure and vacation dreams and by showing others how sharing our membership can create its own financial rewards through a business of their own.

Receive a $100.00 No Obligation towards your Next Hotel Stay. Good at over 550,000 Resorts around the globe. Email Us to: SAY- I want my $100.00 Gift Card Code

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Business Meets Travel!

If you own a suitcase, Join my good friend Kari who will be sharing how to travel the world at wholesale! Her twins sister & her have been on over 200 vacations in the last 15 years and will share how you can too!

Kari Schneider –

Travel Tips – Dream Trips

Q: Can a DreamTrips MembershipTM be in more than one person’s name or in a business name?

A: We’re a travel community made up of some pretty amazing individuals like you, and that’s one of our strengths. So we require every membership to be in the name of one person. This means we can’t accept membership applications in multiple names or the names of partnerships, trusts or business entities.

Q: When do new DreamTrips get posted for booking?

A: Every Friday we launch new and unbelievable DreamTrips at If you’re a Platinum Member, you get a sneak peek a day early! Visit or follow us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter for more up-to-the-minute information when these DreamTrips launch.

Q: How do I book a DreamTrip?

A: Booking a DreamTrip is easy. The challenge is deciding which amazing trip to take! After you log in to your account at, choose Browse Experiences and click on DreamTrips. Either check out everything or enter search features then click Update Results. When you’ve found the perfect DreamTrip, click on it and use the tabs to check out all the trip details and policies, especially “What’s Included” that covers all the amazing DreamTrips extras. Select Book It, then follow the prompts. You’ll be traveling in no time.

Q: As a DreamTrips Member, who can I bring with me on my DreamTrip?

A: You may have many great friends and family members, which is terrific, but you’ll have to decide who joins you on a DreamTrip because we do have some limits. A maximum of two (2) adults aged 18 or older may travel on a DreamTrip per booking provided at least one (1) adult on the booking is a member or is an adult aged 18 or older who resides in the same household as the member. The booking terms also allow one room to be booked per adult on each DreamTrip, with pricing based on double occupancy per room. Some hotels, resorts or cruise operators require the adult in each room to be older than 18, so be sure to check out these details in each DreamTrip listing.

Q: I’d like to bring my children on a DreamTrip. What do I need to know?

A: First, be prepared to be voted coolest parents around! Oh, and other important information. You can bring your dependent children by paying the designated trip charge. Dependent children are those children who reside with you as their parent or legal guardian, are in school and 18 years of age or under. If you have children who are between 19 and 25 years of age, are not married, live with you as their legal parent or guardian and attend school, they’re also considered dependent children. Additionally, a child who is permanently disabled, no matter what age, and is under your direct care as his/her parent or legal guardian, is considered your dependent and can join you on a DreamTrip. The age range that defines who is considered a child may vary, depending on each hotel, cruise ship or country’s policies. There may be other restrictions from the destination on the number of additional people in each room and whether or not you can book an additional room for dependent children. So be sure to check these details in each DreamTrip listing before you book a trip. When in doubt, reach out to your DreamTrips vacation specialist. That’s what we’re here for!

Q: What is the minimum age requirement to go on a DreamTrip?

A: Each DreamTrip can be different so be sure to check the details in the DreamTrip listing before booking. Cruises require that you are age 21 or older to have your own cabin. If you’re under 21, there must be a person age 25 or older in the cabin with you. With most land packages, you must be age 18 or older to have your own room. Most of our DreamTrips will indicate if children younger than age 18 can come along, if they can participate in excursions or other tour activities, and the additional cost, if any, when they do.

Q: What is the maximum number of people who can occupy one room or cabin?

A: The more the merrier we say! But, it’s not always up to us and many hotels and cruise lines have a maximum occupancy of four (4) guests per room. If there are more than four guests in your party (for example, two [2] adults and three [3] children), you may be required to book a second room. However, both rooms would be booked at the same per-person rate. Be sure to ask for adjoining rooms to see if they’re available. You can also request an additional room for dependent children under the age of 18 years not sharing accommodations with you as the adult guest, but we can’t guarantee another room will be available. Understandably, additional rooms will be subject to additional charges which may vary.

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The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems

- Mahatma Gandhi


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