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  • Spa Team has consulted with more than 100 spas, doctor's offices, skin care clinics, and hospitals around the world. Our Team has spoken at conferences and events throughout the United States and in countries as far as Aruba, Italy, and Switzerland.
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Hugh Jones


Hugh has also written several articles for Spa Management on planning for profits within the spa, recruiting and managing spa staff, and reviewing existing spa operations to improve service and profitability. During his many years as a Spa Director, Hugh Jones, has mentored many staff members that have gone on to become successful Spa Directors at several prestigious properties. Hugh has been involved with spa design and development in over 80 successful national & international projects in Switzerland, Canada, USA and New Zealand.

John Moore

Chief Operating Officer

John was Chief Operating Officer and partner for Niki Bryan and successfully negotiated a contract with Disney to take over all health clubs at the Walt Disney World resorts. As COO, he overhauled and redesigned the Grand Floridian Spa and Health Club transforming it from a losing enterprise to a highly profitable operation while also expanding the company to off-Disney locations like the Marriott World Center, the Renaissance Orlando Resort and the Rosen Center. His proven spa management and internal training programs quickly helped the Niki Bryan Company assemble a quality environment that incubated a dynamic team. Mr. Moore's success with the Niki Bryan Company earned him world-renowned notoriety as an expert in the spa industry. After leaving the Niki Bryan Company, Mr. Moore has consulted with hundreds of spas throughout the world. He took his knowledge and experience from Disney and employed his systems and training to cultivate effective teams and maximize productivity.

Clifford Morris

Medical Board Advisory


Dr. Morris is an integrative medical scientist backed by contemporary training and published research in neurodegenerative diseases and regenerative medicine. He began his career focusing on elucidating neurodegenerative diseases, supported under grants from the National Institutes of Health and the Alzheimer's Association. After consulting for multiple successful start-up labs, he then went on to head up clinical research and development labs, innovating novel integrative medicine testing methods and clinical research studies. He avidly works to identify contemporary medical science and translate it into real-worldassets for the entire population to benefit from. Dr. Morris is committed in using his knowledge and expertise to make a tangible impact by developing therapies and strategies for wellness, longevity and anti-aging.

"The world will be saved when science and compassion intersect"

- Dr. Clifford Morris


Dawn Aquila Buck- BIO

Team Member

Dawn began her journey at Florida State University as an Exercise Physiology Major with a minor in Nutrition. She was quickly given an Athletic Scholarship to become an Athletic Trainer for the Athletic program at FSU. After graduation Dawn Started her career at the exclusive Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton, Florida. Dawn quickly worked her way up to Fitness Director and helped to incorporate Spa Services into the then small facility. As the Spa industry began to grow, so did Dawn. She has worked on several renovation projects of some of the most prestigious Spa in Florida. Dawn Grand Opened the LifeSpa at LifeTime Athletic and sat on Renovation Committee on 3 different Luxury Spas to include: Fisher Island Club, The Don Cesar, and The Safety Harbor Resort & Spa. During these projects she was responsible for researching and purchasing both spa and salon equipment, seeking the right retail and professional products for unique spa themes while considering the current clientele's needs and preferences, she created a new menu of services for multiple departments, as well as communicated with different architect's and spa designers. Dawn enjoys being active and living a healthy lifestyle and it is her absolute passion to share with others how to do the same.

Dr. Sarah Doyle


PT/Chiro/Orthopedic Business Development

Dr. Doyle's background in orthopedics, oncology, critical care, nutrition and exercise physiology gives her the ability to design effective exercise and recovery programs for your clients as well as expertise in nutrition and pain management. She is a published author, holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, is Certified in Functional Medicine, and holds a Diplomate with the American Clinical Board of Nutrition.

Michael Wudykae

Team Member

Michael Wudyka has recently joined the amazing team at Spa Team International. Previously, he was the Founder of the Global Institutes on Addictions (GIA). Michael is a lifelong entrepreneur and Detroit native who has found his way to the warm arms of Miami, FL. Prior to founding GIA, Michael consulted for private and publicly traded companies. Michael is licensed in commercial real-estate and continues to develop and design properties. Before relocating to Miami, Michael owned and operated The Enclave Inn hotels in the Hamptons, as well as East Hampton Studio. Michael is known for his big heart and consistent involvement with charity organizations throughout the U.S. His wife and two sons enjoy supporting his endeavors and charitable adventures.



Spa Trainer / Consultant

Christine Clinton Cancer Care was founded in 2002 as a result of My Husband, Steve receiving a misdiagnosis of Lung and Liver cancer. At the time I was the chief examiner (North America & Caribbean) for a leading UK awarding body, ITEC, evaluating students in their practical skills in Massage Therapy, Skincare, Reflexology and Aromatherapy. It was a very tumultuous time for our family and after 6 weeks of testing and research, the doctors determined that the shadows on his lungs were, in fact scar tissue from TB which Steve had contracted in The UK as a 19 year old. The shadow on his Liver was a Hemangioma which was a benign mass. Needless to say we were hugely relieved. This experience led to my quest to understand as much as I could about Cancer and its treatments. I subsequently became certified in Medical Massage for Cancer Patients at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York City in 2004 I went on to study Mind Body Medicine with Dr. Herbert Benson at Harvard University. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting is Holiness the 14 th Dali Lama and participating in his weekend workshop of compassion and wisdom in practice. I studied Energy Medicine with Donna Eden and Reiki with Wendy Miner at Sloan Kettering. I became certified in Lymphatic care with Dr. Bruno Chikly in 2012 and helped with preparation of the selfcare educational booklet (78 pages) for The HSE – Health Service Executive in Ireland in 2015. My father was diagnosed with stage 3B stomach cancer and I worked closely with his oncology team to create an integrative oncology plan which supported his wellbeing for a further 12 years.


Spa Trainer / Consultant

Ms. Berry has served the spa and wellness industry since 1992 and began her career as a massage therapist, esthetician and aromatherapist in the UK. Her path since then has involved teaching and leading others at sea and on land at luxury spas, resorts and wellness facilities globally. Berry now specializes in education and supports the training efforts for international brands by offering high quality training covering in depth product knowledge, specialized techniques and bespoke designed treatment offerings. She is the founder of Wellness Education Hub based in San Diego that she created to offer high-quality, curated training all over the world upon request. Berry was awarded the "2018 Women in Wellness Educator & Trainer of the Year '' by American Spa and serves on the board for the "Women in Leadership Initiative'' through the Global Wellness Institute. She works with training academies in the USA such as the elite Bellus Academy Group that provide licensure, mentoring students and teaching them the skill sets they need to be successful and current by keeping their curriculums in line with industry trends. Berry also serves as a partner of iConnection, a Southern California wellness events company and is a Global Educator for Christine Clinton Cancer Care specializing in the education of Oncology Esthetics and Massage for luxury wellness destinations. Dedicated and incredibly passionate about contributing to the industry that she loves, Berry has worked hard over the last 30 years to learn all the facets of her calling so that she can deliver education with a well-balanced and knowledgeable approach.

Erin Parish

Director of Art

Erin Parish (American,1966) was raised in inner-city Detroit by artist parents. She spent much of her adult life in New York City and now lives and works in Miami Beach, FL.

She received her B.A. from Bennington College in Vermont and went directly to graduate school. She received her M.F.A. from Queens College in New York City.

She has had over 30 solo exhibitions to date. Twenty-five years ago gained the ability to be a self-supporting full-time artist. Since 2001 she has been represented by Winston Watcher Gallery in New York's Chelsea. She has now dual representation in New York City with the aforementioned gallery and the well-regarded Spanierman Modern Gallery, where she has been invited to mount s solo exhibition in the next 8 months. Her work has been reviewed in the New York Times, Art in America and Art News. Other gallery representation can be fount on her website

Her works can be found in numerous corporate collections including Barclay's Capital in New York and Dubai, the Four Seasons in Las Vegas, NV and Marrakesh, Morocco, the Ritz Carlton in New You, NY and Georgetown, Virginia. She has created major commissions for the Royal Caribbean Cruise lines, Crystal Cruise lines and Norwegian Cruise lines.

A list of other and corporate collections to be found on following pages.

In addition to being a painter, Parish has made blackout shades with her work on them as well as blankets and cell phone/iPad covers.

Of late she has been heavily involved with creating digital projections

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